Rainy Day Rainbows

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sometimes the packaging makes all the difference in the world!

Scroll down a bit to see how to make NAPKIN roses.

Colorful Garden Gloves and Forget-Me-Not Seed Packets

So fun! One pair of colorful garden gloves purchased anywhere (these were purchased at a local Dollar Store).

Ribbon to match (you probably have this on hand already) and one or more packets of seeds. (Example: Forget-Me-Not seeds.)

Blue Garden Gloves and Forget-Me-Nots

A matching theme paper is nice. But most wrapping paper has a WHITE backside which can also be used - and white will go with anything!

Secure the seed packets with double-sided tape.

If you have time, include a small colorful pot with some soil added to it.

If sending by mail, wrap tightly in tissue and cover with bubble-wrap, place in a larger box and it will ship safely!

attaching garden gloves

We used LARGE safety pins to fasten the gloves to the ribbon.

two dishcloth flowers and tags

Two Dishcloth Roses and Gift Tags

This box only used ONE dishtowel but you could LOOSELY BASTE two dishtowels together to cover a larger box.

2 towels and a set of dishcloths

Start with these!

Two towels and a set of dishcloths purchased at your local Dollar Store.

napkin or washcloth rose

A Beautiful Napkin or Washcloth Rose

Just tape onto box with heavy-duty double sided sticky tape. Yes, it costs a bit more than wrapping paper you just throw away, but the person receiving THIS GIFT will re-use these over and over again and think of YOU every time.  A gift that keeps on giving!

You can use these ROSES in so many ways!

  • Washcloth roses
  • Napkin roses
  • Napkins in the center of each plate
  • Put a crystal bowl filled with colorful roses on your buffet table
  • Napkins for a "ladies tea" or "Mother's Day Luncheon" set on tables near the center piece as colorful "extras" (see end of first video)
  • You could easily insert after dinner mints into the middle of each rose napkin as you make them
  • Baby shower napkins or washcloths
So simple, your kids can do these for you!


I found a couple of YouTube videos that will help you make these roses

I like the way she folds down the "tails" because it gives such a "finished" look (I call them "ears"). They actually form the leaves!

Folding A Rose Napkin or Washcloth

I included this one because I think the "visual" directions are very clear and give a different perspective.

Folding A Rose Washcloth